About Us

About The Company

Software Products and Services company.
Focused on healthcare, manufacturing, business solutions and financial services domain.
Prosoft has a repository of highly trained software developers and domain experts.
Prosoft Data Systems vision is to “Consistently rank as one of the best software integrators, solution providers and program managers, achieving excellence in each and every delivery with complete customer satisfaction”.
Prosoft Data Systems has the capability and reputation for assessing the enterprise business needs and working with top management to develop an enterprise-wide architecture for knowledge management, information technology and information management and information communications. The organization, with domain expertise in healthcare, will help healthcare providers to build seamless net work to exchange information, management and integration of data that support patient care, revenue management and productivity increase with qualitative and quantitative measurements, delivery and evaluation of healthcare services that meet the International standards.

Quality & Compliance

Prosoft Data Systems is strongly committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations. To accomplish this, Quality has been incorporated into all aspects of our business assuring the highest value and satisfaction for our customers, employees and strake holders.

We will design, produce and deliver products and services that provide the optimal benefit with a passionate focus on customer needs and desires. These products and services are safe, effective and reliable for their intended purposes and will comply with all requirements and regulations for any locale in which we distribute. Our representation of our products and services will always be fair and understandable.
The concept of continuous improvement is a key element in the Prosoft Data Systems way of life and is embraced by the company management and employees as well as our external suppliers. Improvement in our products, services and processes may occur in quantum leaps or incrementally, but our efforts will always and forever be to improve and better serve our customers and their patients.

Our Mission

Using our core competencies and capabilities for assessing the business needs of the enterprise, and working with top management to develop an enterprise-wide architecture for knowledge management, information technology, and process integration.

Our Vission

Prosoft Data Systems vision is to consistently rank as one of the best software integrators and program managers.

Why Us

Prosoft Data Systems is focused and determined to assimilate culture and professionalism into the solution.
Prosoft Data Systems measures it performance of solutions “implemented or suggested to the customers” based on

  • Improvement of Bottom-line and operational cost for our customers
  • Solutions are designed to be scalable
  • Seamless Integration and data across platforms
  • The data and application even is available even when users are on the move in a secured and structured manner
  • Enhanced performance